Admissions Essay Tutoring

Want to write an excellent essay?

With four years of experience helping students write admissions essays for universities, colleges, and international study programs in the USA, Canada, Australia and the U.K., we have a proven method that helps students brainstorm, outline, write, and edit their own genuine admissions essays.

Who are we?

Deren wich 2.pngWichayapat is a university lecturer and a specialist in academic TESOL. Deren is an experienced English teacher and a student mobility specialist. We both hold masters degrees from the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education. Our combined expertise in academic TESOL and student mobility prepares students to write an admissions essay that both clearly conveys your strengths and prepares you for academic writing at a US university.

What’s our tutoring process?

  1. Meet to brainstorm your position, topic, and style.
  2. Follow my brainstorming documents to guide you towards stronger self-awareness.
  3. Together we outline the essay and agree on a 1st draft deadline.
  4. You write your first draft independently and Email it to me for proof-reading.
  5. I Email my edits and comments back to you.
  6. We keep working on each draft until you have a world-class essay!

What do our students think? (2017)

“Deren helped me brainstorm and outline an essay that got me a call-back for a Harvard PhD. program. His feedback was critical for me to articulate both my research topic and personality to Harvard’s admissions board. “

Sakol Sopitarchasak, Thai Health Promotion Foundation

“I think Deren’s help in planning and proofreading my statement of purpose for a PhD. in the U.K. was effective! We met in a cafe and he led me through a planning strategy for the essay. “

Wilson Xiao, Thai Health Promotion Foundation

Deren and Joao
“Great Online tutoring! Deren and I had a two-hour Google Docs live consultation. Deren monitored my edits in real-time. Together we assured that my creative voice is strong and my message was clear to admissions officers for as Masters in the USA.”

Joao Elis Felipe, Assumption University

Want to start writing?

For Thai and English please Email Wichayapat:
For English please Email Deren:


Tutoring fees are negotiated on a case-by-case basis and can be paid in cash or Paypal