Video for an Curtin U. / UNESCO MOOC

At the very beginning of the internship period, I was called into a room with the deputy director of UNESCO Bangkok and my manager to discuss UNESCO’s submission to an Environmental Studies MOOC. A MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course, which is basically a course that one can take over the Internet. MOOCs herald themselves as the dawn of a new era in higher … Continue reading Video for an Curtin U. / UNESCO MOOC

Why My Asian Students are Good with Numbers

Why My Asian Students are Good with Numbers   After reading Outliers and examining my own experience, I agree that the counting systems of East Asian languages are initial advantages to learning numbers. I was inspired to sync this advantage into English number learning. English teachers please read on and comment.   ~   In order to count from 1 to 99 in Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, … Continue reading Why My Asian Students are Good with Numbers

When the Elephants Dance

Here is footage of the Japanese man who set himself on fire in protest of Japan’s re-militarization; a pending decision that will irrevocably change Asia’s equilibrium. In my opinion, with the withdrawal of US influence globally we are entering a multi-polar and hence Neo-nationalistic era. Evidence in European governments hard turn right, the Asian islands disputes, and Russia’s expansion under the guise of “patriotic liberation”. … Continue reading When the Elephants Dance

Graduation: A Mother’s Sacrifice  お母さんの犠牲

今日は生徒さんの卒業式でした。皆は家族のために日本に移住します。日本で勉強しながらバイトーで得た給料を家族に送ります。楽しみに誰もしたくない仕事をします。来月から全く違うな人生を始めります。 ネパールも世界でもワンママ/未婚の母はとても大変です。このお母さんは子供のために日本に移住します。二さいの娘は何年間おばあさんと住んで育ちます。お母さんは日本からお金を送ります。何年も合えません。世界のおかあさんは子供の守るためなんでも犠牲にします。幸せか悲しみの涙は踊りながら混ぜます。   Today was the graduation ceremony for the students moving to Japan. They were all excited for their next life-step. All of them are moving to Japan to earn money to send home to their families. Even though they will be students in Japan, their main focus will be the constant grind of the service industry. They are thrilled for the opportunity to … Continue reading Graduation: A Mother’s Sacrifice  お母さんの犠牲