Goa: Cows on the Beach

Goa: Cows at the Beach Goa is the smallest state in India. The state was a Portuguese colony until 196 when India invaded in a bloodless repatriation. The area was a haven for hippies, trance music ravers, and now a vacation destination for young beautiful Russians. The vendors speak Russian and English. The menus at the restaurants are also in Russian. Russian women are very … Continue reading Goa: Cows on the Beach

December 18th & 19th: Rain, Nightclubs, Family

Since coming to Bangalore I haven’t seen it rain. I never had a desire for rain until I saw how the long dry air erodes the children’s skin into a chalky ash. Just by looking at their skin one can tell if they live in the semi-open air or a fully partitioned dwelling. I want it to rain so that the dusty will stick to … Continue reading December 18th & 19th: Rain, Nightclubs, Family

December 17th: On Adaptation

Visitors to India rarely say anything positive about Indian roads. At anytime the roads could have a zoo of animals and small children practicing ballet along the road. Overstuffed garbage trucks hang a tail of swerving motorists who trail behind dodging the falling excess. There are no rules. Without rules for people to depend on to create a functioning norm people are dependent on their … Continue reading December 17th: On Adaptation

December 15th: Look Who is Coming to Dinner

Now that Mats has arrived the children living at the Parikrma Home, semi-orphanage, have discovered that it is open game to come over and visit us. The Parikrma Home is only for girls. Boys who are aggrieved or displaced stay at the Home until nighttime and then go to privately run troubled youth hostels to sleep. Those places are not really fitting for daytime activities. … Continue reading December 15th: Look Who is Coming to Dinner

December 11th: The Girls’ Home

School was wonderful as ever. I spent some time with my main man Chandon and had my usual pleasant tea party with princess Akshaya. I learned that my student Harsha’s real name is Auto Raja. This means King of the Auto (rickshaws). He is named after the pen name of a Good Samaritan in Bangalore. Auto Raja was a reformed criminal who, once released from … Continue reading December 11th: The Girls’ Home

December 9th: Turin and Barbs

Today was my first dinner with my housemates Turin and Barbs. After a sleepy day at work running around preparing audio files. We came back via auto. The apartment was being thoroughly cleaned by the maids. They did a much more through job of cleaning then when I arrived. I had spent the yesterday, Sunday moving my furniture, doing laundry, and screwing in light bulbs. … Continue reading December 9th: Turin and Barbs

December 5th: After Dinner Games

Today I went with Sasha and her parents to Jainagar to listen as Sasha gathered information on how to fund raise for Parikrma. Sasha works in investment banking as her profession. She has a strong social conscious. She left her big banking job to volunteer. She has turned into a champion for the school. She uses videos and photos of her experience to raise money … Continue reading December 5th: After Dinner Games

Dec. 1st: The First Day of Advent

I woke up and went to Hennur (slightly North-East) to meet with Shenelle and Anaka’s family for their Advent breakfast. I discovered my haggling trump card. It takes a hard-nosed person to pull the auto prices down. The drivers have all sorts of wild stories to “justify” inflating the price by 5x. When I speak Kannada the auto-drivers are so delighted by my cute attempt … Continue reading Dec. 1st: The First Day of Advent

Nov.29th: Playground Justice

Today I woke up to discover that the local auto-stand was having a Karnataka Pride day. Karnataka is the state that Bengaluru is the capital of.  The Autos were dressed up in flowers, finger paints, and flags. The driver from yesterday remembered my name and came up to me with, “ Hello Deren” and an open double palmed handshake. He showed all his friends that … Continue reading Nov.29th: Playground Justice