Meet Momo

Momo is the combined nickname for my beloved twins Monika and Monisha. Momo is also the Hinglish word for dumpings. They were my hardcore favorites. I channeled all my adorement onto these two little whole wheat muffins. These two kindergarteners are magic. If you give them identical coloring assignments in seperate rooms, they will color the picture almost identically. They also like to finish each … Continue reading Meet Momo

Meet Prabaka

  This is my friend Prabaka. Prabaka is a 17 year old boy from Manipur, India. Manipur is a small region that falls next to the Myanmari border. Prabaka speaks English, Kannada, Hindi, Manipuri, and a village language. He grew up in Manipur with his mother, uncle, grandmother, and younger brother Tomba. Prabaka’s family sells fish on the roadside. At the age of fourteen Prabaka, … Continue reading Meet Prabaka

Akon Turns Hip Hop Hindi

America’s most lucrative export is cultural media.  One of the many phenomena that originated in America and spread to the world is Hip Hop music. I’m certain that Hip Hop has been in India since its first début thirty years ago. I’m starting to see a new trend in how hip hop artists enter India.  American rappers not only performing for India’s huge hungry market … Continue reading Akon Turns Hip Hop Hindi

The Comfort Zone

One of the reasons that my writing became infrequent is because I gradually formed a comfort zone. I guess it is human nature to craft a comfort zone out of any situation. This nature probably leads to extremes like Stockholm syndrome and missing prison. Although many foreign writings about India focus on the initial shock, for the finches that do adapt / survive there is … Continue reading The Comfort Zone

The Maharaja of Delhi Sri Sriharsh

I arrived at the Delhi domestic terminal after a breezy flight from Bangalore. I had to wait over an hour for my friend the Maharaja SriHarsh to arrive. Waiting on a bench looking over the baggage claim I experienced India’s pageantry. The first plane arrived from Kashmir, I saw men and women with heavy winter blankets tossed over their shoulders, rustic Muslim breads and veils … Continue reading The Maharaja of Delhi Sri Sriharsh

Intercaste Love Story

I picked up a copy of the magazine Brahmin Today: What Every Brahim Should Read No Matter Where They Are. The caste system is a difficult part of Indian society. Conversion to Islam, Buddhism, or Christianity gets you out of it, but then promptly corners you into a minority. My students with their brilliance and brilliant smiles all come from the lowest and untouchable castes.  … Continue reading Intercaste Love Story

Dec 25th to Jan. 7th: Catch up

I havent been able to write in the last twelve days, because I am been a bit busy. The major thing that I did was visit with Rebecca in both Chennai and Bangalore. In Tamil Nadu Becca and I visited a model organic farm for twenty-four pleasant hours. We ate food cooked over a wood-fire stove, climbed in the surrounding hills, and observed nice in … Continue reading Dec 25th to Jan. 7th: Catch up

2014: India, Nepal, and Beyondistan

I learned wonderful lessons in 2013. I think that I inspired a few good things too. I measure myself by the good I inspire in others. During Summer 2012, I helped a Nepalese friend research Australian Immigration. He was unable to emigrate, but he took the things we learned and gave them to his son. Now his son is a student at an Australian University. … Continue reading 2014: India, Nepal, and Beyondistan


皆さんへ インドからメリークリスマス!明けましておめでとうございます。 今年も宜しくお願いします。インドの南のバンガロール(Bangalore) という町に住んでいます。この町はインドで一番近代的な都市です が、モダンではない所がいっぱいです。道に牛が沢山いて、舗装さ れていない道もあります。しかし、バンガロールの人たちはとても 優しいです。テレビでヒンディ語のドラエモンの番組もあります。 インドでスズキの車が日本より多いと思います。ヒンドゥ教では牛 が神様なので、牛乳と牛肉が珍しくて値段が高いです。東福原にあるすき屋とアミティーの隣のココスの牛肉を凄く食べたいです。 十一月から三月まで、まずしい子供の為に数学と英語の先生のボラ ンティアをします。子供達の家族はとても貧しいです。学校では、 子供達は無料で朝・昼ご飯を食べられます。多くの子供は、学校で 昼ご飯を食べた後、次の日の朝学校で食べるまで何も食べることが できません。そして家の床は土で、制服以外に着るものはほとんど なく、家にトイレやお風呂もありません。大体お母さんだけで子供 を育てます。お母さんは一日中お金持ちの家を掃除して他の人の子 供の面倒をみます。この学校の子供達は何も持っていませんが、前 向きなやる気に満ちています 生徒たちは朝早くきて、一日中大きな笑顔を輝かせています。家 と比べ学校は楽園なので生徒達は学校が終わっても家に全然帰りた くないです。生徒達は授業中文句を言ません。インドでシールが珍 しいから先生はがんばった子供の腕に星を描きます 。僕は子供に花 丸を紹介しました。朝は、英語が苦手な小学生に、アミティーで勉 強するように英語を使って遊びながら教えます。昼頃に高校一年生 の男子三人に、職業入学試験のために教えます。その後に三十人の 高校三年生に基本的な歳入/財政も教えます。この授業は生活する のに大切ですから教えるのが楽しいです。 先生たちは、生徒の二番目なの家族のようです。お母さんの様に叱 って褒めています。小学生たちは僕の変な性格が大好きになりまし た。学校が終わってから料理しヒンディ語を勉強し寝る、という生 活をしています。週末に都会に行って買い物したりカフェでのんび りしたりします。友達もたくさんできてきました。僕はこの町とイ ンド料理が大好き。体も全然平気! – デレン               。 Continue reading 明けおめ!