When the Elephants Dance

Here is footage of the Japanese man who set himself on fire in protest of Japan’s re-militarization; a pending decision that will irrevocably change Asia’s equilibrium. In my opinion, with the withdrawal of US influence globally we are entering a multi-polar and hence Neo-nationalistic era. Evidence in European governments hard turn right, the Asian islands disputes, and Russia’s expansion under the guise of “patriotic liberation”. … Continue reading When the Elephants Dance

Entry 36: More Donations to Japan Relief Fund

The generosity just keeps on flowing! We have raised another 200$ for the Australian Red Cross’s Japan Relief Fund. This brings our grand total to 1,100$. We have done a great job helping those in need. Should tragedy ever strike the United States, let us only hope that the well being that we have shown today is not an exception but a rule across the … Continue reading Entry 36: More Donations to Japan Relief Fund

My College Admissions Essay

This is my undergraduate admissions essay written on June 9th, 2007 Ishi no ue ni sannen this Japanese proverb means One must persist for three years to achieve a goal It has been twenty-one months since I first visited Japan. Twenty-one months since I found my passion for learning Japanese. Since my return, my wholehearted commitment to learning Japanese has dominated my life. During a … Continue reading My College Admissions Essay

Tokyo meets the International Super Hero

Tokyo meets the International Superhero Written in November 2005: Age 16 My father and I embarked on the journey together, our goal being to attend the wedding of my uncle to a woman of considerable youth in comparison to his gray hair. Even though my father and I departed and arrived together our paths in Japan would wind separate but similar paths. My father and … Continue reading Tokyo meets the International Super Hero