Entry 42: Live Positive

I think that I have learned a vital lesson this country had to offer me.  “Focus on the Positive” Since the beginning of my young adulthood I have been on a path to better myself. I want mental and physical improvement. On the mental side I have abandoned the idea of arguing. I know from a lifetime of experience that arguments are fruitless and destructive. … Continue reading Entry 42: Live Positive

Entry 41: The Sorority Life

At Yakka[work] there are three distinct tribes of people who share my struggle through the concrete jungle. First is the senior secretaries whom I sit next to in the thick forest of cubicals. The senior secretaries teach me how to hunt through file cabinets, start fires with twigs, and how to scavenge for cheap tucker [food] through the savage canteen [cafeteria]. They are the tribal … Continue reading Entry 41: The Sorority Life

Entry 40: True Australian Music

I think I have found an artist who can be exemplified as proper Australian music.  His name is Geoffery Gurrumul Yunipingu. He is from an island just off the coast of northern Australia. He was born blind and he sings in his indigenous language.  Enjoy this part Australian culture (you must click the watch on Youtube option) __________________________________________________________________ Just for kicks here is a commercial … Continue reading Entry 40: True Australian Music

Entry 39: How to get a free trip to Taiwan?

 Fellow Bloggers,    The Republic of China is hosting 250 international bloggers to come to Taiwan for the centennial celebration and blog about the events. 250 bloggers will be granted round trip airfare, access to centennial events, and a two week home stay in Taiwan. The Blogger’s only responsibility is to blog about the experience. Without a doubt I am going to apply and hopefully … Continue reading Entry 39: How to get a free trip to Taiwan?

Entry 38: La Vida Latina

Finally in the Southern Hemisphere. The water runs down the sink counter clockwise, December is summer, and the constellations are different. After Australia there are three more continents for me to visit before I’ve visited all seven. The remaining three are in the Southern Hemisphere South America, Africa, and Antarctica.  I don’t think I will get to the Antarctic penguin prairie land until retirement. I … Continue reading Entry 38: La Vida Latina

Entry 36: More Donations to Japan Relief Fund

The generosity just keeps on flowing! We have raised another 200$ for the Australian Red Cross’s Japan Relief Fund. This brings our grand total to 1,100$. We have done a great job helping those in need. Should tragedy ever strike the United States, let us only hope that the well being that we have shown today is not an exception but a rule across the … Continue reading Entry 36: More Donations to Japan Relief Fund

Entry 34: Donation Results

Thanks to the charity of my family, biological and extended, we have raised and donated 900 U$D to the Australian Red Cross’s Japan Relief Fund. This sum includes the firm’s donation-match. I had not expected such generosity. However, time and time again my family impresses me. Today I spoke with one of my host mothers. She told me that although her family lives far from … Continue reading Entry 34: Donation Results

Entry 31: Where Does Deren Work?

Where Does Deren Work? I have been placed at my request at a large law firm in the centre of Sydney’s financial district. The firm occupies 20 floors of an enormous skytower [skyscraper].The firm is one of the three largest in Australia. It employs 2,000 people. It has four branches in other major cities across Australia. It also has a branch in the city-state of … Continue reading Entry 31: Where Does Deren Work?

Entry 30: The Myth of Australian Beer

The Myth of Australian Beers I’m going to be discussing the cultures of consumption and the regions which they come from. First a map of the states and territory of Australia Foster: “Foster Australia for Beer”. Foster is actually Australian for “bland”. Foster’s Beer isn’t actually brewed in Australia. It is brewed in Canada. It is made and marketed for the North American Market. Foster … Continue reading Entry 30: The Myth of Australian Beer

Entry 25: Kangaroo Cook

Kangaroo’s have been eaten by humans since before the continents separated. Before India smashed into Asia or Madagascar declared its independence from the land mass of Africa. Originally Kangaroo’s were twelve feet tall and flesh eating. They were part of a strange time in Earth’s history when mammals were enormous. Kangaroo’s were vicious bouncy kings of the outback in this pre-historic time. YES THEY ATE … Continue reading Entry 25: Kangaroo Cook

Whats Up 24: The Weather

I’m going to change my writing style because I realized that I have been focusing my internal thoughts and I should be writing about the stuff that happens here. So let first start with the Weather. Australia is the oldest continent in the world and because of her age the wind has literally blown all the mountains away. The center of Australia is an enormous … Continue reading Whats Up 24: The Weather