Day 10: Sea Turtles

Save the Planet This morning we wake up to a buckle of six baby sea turtles. At 6:00AM we walked the little turtles to the beach to let them instinctively scamper into the waves. They are born along on the beach with only one thought, “head for the ocean”. That’s exactly what they did the moment they were released on the sand. Only 1/1000 of … Continue reading Day 10: Sea Turtles

Day 5: Waterfall #400,000

Cowboys In Paradise Today I woke up a bit late around 10:00 and had coffee with the German woman Sabine. She told me in detail about her experience with intercultural relationships. She also told me that Indonesia, in particular Bali, has many western women dating Indonesian men. Almost like Thailand, but for women instead of men. Then she showed me a YouTube preview for a … Continue reading Day 5: Waterfall #400,000

Day 4: Yogyakarta

I woke up early in the morning to the sounds of four Indonesian master snorers practicing in their sleep. Inspired by the animism of Pokémon, I imagined that the Snorlax (a huge snoring Pokémon) must be native to Indonesia. I was rescued by my earplugs and slept until 7:30AM when I got up and ate a polite breakfast with my snoring assailants – four well … Continue reading Day 4: Yogyakarta

Day 2: Borobudur

Sleeping on Saturday night was hell ya uncomfortable because the air condition was breathing asthmatically and I an older Italian woman was snoring and farting. I ended up closing all the curtains around my bed and sleeping naked; which is something a person shouldn’t do in a semi-public place. Although I went to bed at 10PM, I think I only slept for an hour and … Continue reading Day 2: Borobudur

Day 1: Yogyakarta

  My flight to Singapore suddenly landed in Kuala Lumpur. The landing wasn’t sudden, but my realization that I was in fact headed to in Kuala Lumpur didn’t dawn on me until I was already en route. I had been focused on organizing Trinh’s flights through Singapore that I hadn’t remembered that mine was through Malaysia. I felt like a flight attendant who knows what … Continue reading Day 1: Yogyakarta

The month before turning 29

These are thoughts and activities from August – September 2018 Our trip to Bangkok began with Trinh and I playing billiards in the Saigon Airport Bar. This is the only place where we ever play billiards, despite the fact that the ground floor of Trinh’s house is a billiards saloon. I guess that with the airport’s windows looking out on taxi-ing planes, fancy drinks served … Continue reading The month before turning 29


What is UNLEASH? I’m going to be in Singapore for eight days for an Innovation Lab, UNLEASH, which unites and sponsors travel and accommodation for 1,000 young professionals from 106 countries and divides them into 8 large grouped-themes based on the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) that the Talents are working towards in their careers and studies. The participants of UNLEASH are modestly called “talents” and … Continue reading UNLEASH INNOVATION LAB 2018

Lunar New Year 2018 in Penang & KL

This Lunar New Year, Trinh and I spent 5 days in Malaysia’s Penang (wiki) Island and Kuala Lumpur (KL) cities. It was Trinh’s first time in Malaysia and my second trip since visiting Lang Kawi Island and KL in 2013 before heading to India. (Quick blog on Lang Kawi Island, 2013) Living in Asia since 2012, I have normalized seeing surprising things, grown accustomed to being … Continue reading Lunar New Year 2018 in Penang & KL