Sunday, October 26th

I arose along with the rising tide of heat in my room. When the morning sun begins to bake my metal roof, the warm waves wake me. I stumble over myself to get into a refreshing cool morning shower. I rinse away the nighttime sweat from sleeping without an air conditioner. After the shower the morning feels perfectly cool. I got dressed and descended down … Continue reading Sunday, October 26th

The Ninjas of Harvest Season

The Harsh Season, the frugal months before the harvest, ended in late September. The season closed with troops of skinny men wearing hand-me-down Disney t-shirts wrapped around their faces like “Arabian ninjas” appearing in town. The men, from the surrounding barangays, poured into the fields on makeshift tractors and hired pick-up trucks like a helpful militia of honest days’ workers. They must reap, thresh, and … Continue reading The Ninjas of Harvest Season