When I Talk About Beautiful Women


Think about it… To love a woman, you’ve got to love women. If you can love women, and all that entails, then you could fully accept her. Acceptance opens trust, and you could build a skyscraper on trust. To paraphrase a smarter person, “What makes you a man is earning a good woman’s trust and keeping it.” The passage to manhood, isn’t a part of a woman’s body, it is the maturity a boy attains from acting on acceptance, trust, and love. Can you do that?

I think what separates the strong from the weak men is choosing acceptance over control. What a weak man cannot accept he will want to control. What he cannot control he will try to destroy. When it comes to the world between men and women, men are pitilessly vulnerable to a woman’s beauty. Weak men, who cannot accept women’s natural power over them, have jealously torn Beauty apart. Dividing to conquer, weak men separated beauty along ideals of complexion, body, and age. These ideals, which haunt her with doubt from childhood, are maleficent illusions intent on breaking a woman’s self-acceptance. Once she is broken, the malicious crutches of beauty products connive to keep her dependent, doubting, and feeling unbeautiful.

The illusions likewise break mens’ self-acceptance. Men are tricked to believe an ideal woman only suits an ideal man. Crowded into the gym men measure their masculinity by their bodies, rather than their maturity. They chase the fleeting and insatiable ideals of fitness and fashion.

Men and women under the empty spell of feeling ugly, look for beauty in the mirror, when beauty is abundant in their definition.

I challenge you to show me one ugly child. Children are beautiful because nothing has made them feel ugly yet. They still accept and love themselves completely. As humans, we can help kids stay confident as they grow up. I tell my students and I will tell my children (İnşallah), “ You can’t make yourself look beautiful, you are always beautiful, but you can make temporary changes to express yourself.”

Listening to a young woman’s reaction to her stomach in the mirror shaped my optimism. She pinched her extra tummy rolls and said to herself, “I’m so jiggly” Then she jiggled, accepted, and adored her muffin top.


That’s beauty. Man, that’s the real thing

That’s what I talk about when I talk about beautiful women.




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