When the Elephants Dance

Here is footage of the Japanese man who set himself on fire in protest of Japan’s re-militarization; a pending decision that will irrevocably change Asia’s equilibrium. In my opinion, with the withdrawal of US influence globally we are entering a multi-polar and hence Neo-nationalistic era. Evidence in European governments hard turn right, the Asian islands disputes, and Russia’s expansion under the guise of “patriotic liberation”. … Continue reading When the Elephants Dance

What is Educational Development? Why Do You Love It?

My passion is Educational Development. That is the educational factor of Human Development. Educational Development is an area of thoughts and theories that mixes Education, Policy, Social engineering, Sociology, Public Relations, and Development Science into one youthful and fulfilling endeavor. My travels are a part of my own research and exposure. I am preparing a resume of experience and fiddling with some of my own … Continue reading What is Educational Development? Why Do You Love It?

Gaikokujin Vs. Expats

Gaikokujin Vs. Expats In the last year, I have lived in or visited eight Asian countries, over this period I slowly started to notice a difference between the communities of expatriates that I have encountered in each country. I determined that a unique set of circumstances engenders a relatively humble, considerate, if not tame foreign community in Japan. Please share your thoughts. 1. Japan is not … Continue reading Gaikokujin Vs. Expats

Social Media and Free Speech

One of the unique conundrums of social media business is the weak entry/exit barriers. It is almost impossible for an existing social media firm to prevent a competitor from entering the market. This inability is the reason you have at least three messenger apps. This melee drove Facebook’s purchase of Whatsapp, Instagram, and forty-four other firms to stay king of the hill. But it is … Continue reading Social Media and Free Speech

A One Chopstick Policy

General Nivea Sanyo decreed to his people that to save wood, cut gluttony, and engineer a modest society the people would be limited to one chopstick per meal. With grace they would have to eat each item precariously, always fearful of their saucy foods falling onto their clothing and staining them. General Nivea collected the spare chopsticks and sold them for personal gain. The people … Continue reading A One Chopstick Policy