Entry 42: Live Positive

I think that I have learned a vital lesson this country had to offer me.  “Focus on the Positive” Since the beginning of my young adulthood I have been on a path to better myself. I want mental and physical improvement. On the mental side I have abandoned the idea of arguing. I know from a lifetime of experience that arguments are fruitless and destructive. … Continue reading Entry 42: Live Positive

Entry 41: The Sorority Life

At Yakka[work] there are three distinct tribes of people who share my struggle through the concrete jungle. First is the senior secretaries whom I sit next to in the thick forest of cubicals. The senior secretaries teach me how to hunt through file cabinets, start fires with twigs, and how to scavenge for cheap tucker [food] through the savage canteen [cafeteria]. They are the tribal … Continue reading Entry 41: The Sorority Life

Entry 40: True Australian Music

I think I have found an artist who can be exemplified as proper Australian music.  His name is Geoffery Gurrumul Yunipingu. He is from an island just off the coast of northern Australia. He was born blind and he sings in his indigenous language.  Enjoy this part Australian culture (you must click the watch on Youtube option) __________________________________________________________________ Just for kicks here is a commercial … Continue reading Entry 40: True Australian Music

Entry 39: How to get a free trip to Taiwan?

 Fellow Bloggers,    The Republic of China is hosting 250 international bloggers to come to Taiwan for the centennial celebration and blog about the events. 250 bloggers will be granted round trip airfare, access to centennial events, and a two week home stay in Taiwan. The Blogger’s only responsibility is to blog about the experience. Without a doubt I am going to apply and hopefully … Continue reading Entry 39: How to get a free trip to Taiwan?

Entry 38: La Vida Latina

Finally in the Southern Hemisphere. The water runs down the sink counter clockwise, December is summer, and the constellations are different. After Australia there are three more continents for me to visit before I’ve visited all seven. The remaining three are in the Southern Hemisphere South America, Africa, and Antarctica.  I don’t think I will get to the Antarctic penguin prairie land until retirement. I … Continue reading Entry 38: La Vida Latina