Entry 25: Kangaroo Cook

Kangaroo’s have been eaten by humans since before the continents separated. Before India smashed into Asia or Madagascar declared its independence from the land mass of Africa. Originally Kangaroo’s were twelve feet tall and flesh eating. They were part of a strange time in Earth’s history when mammals were enormous. Kangaroo’s were vicious bouncy kings of the outback in this pre-historic time. YES THEY ATE … Continue reading Entry 25: Kangaroo Cook

Whats Up 24: The Weather

I’m going to change my writing style because I realized that I have been focusing my internal thoughts and I should be writing about the stuff that happens here. So let first start with the Weather. Australia is the oldest continent in the world and because of her age the wind has literally blown all the mountains away. The center of Australia is an enormous … Continue reading Whats Up 24: The Weather

Journal 23: 10,000 Miles is Nothing

    When I went to London I had only things to gain. There wasn’t anything at BU for me after my freshman year. I hadn’t made any friends beyond Brandon and Joe. I was tired of being stuffed up in the Japanese House alone watching videos of conspiracy theories, doing excellent at CGS work, and hanging pictures of Leonardo De Vinci on my ceiling. … Continue reading Journal 23: 10,000 Miles is Nothing

Journal 22: Pre-Melbourne and Video

  So I will be going to Melbourne From Sunday until Wednesday night. I am going with the entire BU Sydney program for an academic adventure. Sunday I will hang out with Michael, Monday I have academic stuff, Tuesday I will go to an Island that is famous for being full of miniature fairy penguins, Wednesday evening I will go into the Melbourne suburbs to … Continue reading Journal 22: Pre-Melbourne and Video