Journal 19: Sweet Dispostion

This week I discovered a song that is everywhere in Australia right now. It played during the Australia Day fireworks and is on the cusp of everyone’s tongue. The original version is a bit too popy for me but this cover by Ellie Goulding does the original justice.

2 thoughts on “Journal 19: Sweet Dispostion

  1. Cannot see Cover. I. Cannot. Send you ordinary emaail becuse. My iPad will not send to Bad iPad . It thinks this address is for Phishing because it contains your full name. Saras email too..Love you AND I RES YOUR BLOG DAILY!!,!!!!

  2. I love the Temper Trap version! But Ellie Goulding is quite good too. Have you seen 500 days of Summer? It’s pretty much one of my faves, and if you saw that movie I think you’d hear the song differently…

    I’ll tok to you about it lata.

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