Journal 18: A Strange Dream

  Australia and Australian culture is not too different from America. Britain had a more unique culture than Australia does. Since I am acquainted with British culture, Australian culture seems like a watered down version of that. I was expecting Australia to be more British, yet it seems much more American than London was, I think Australian culture has been diluted with diet Coke. I … Continue reading Journal 18: A Strange Dream

Journal 16: My Professor’s Wise Words

I have been attending the lectures of quite a humorous man. My professor is also the foreign affairs analyst for Australia Sunrise Seven News program. Remember that while Australia sleeps the rest of the globe is off making headlines.  I knew my professor had a good sense of humor when he told me a joke about Tasmanians.                       … Continue reading Journal 16: My Professor’s Wise Words

Journal 15: Not Off the Ground Yet

  So I have been trying to get a life here. I want to join some sort of organization to make connections through. My goal is to make Australian friends of any sort. I don’t have an age preference at all. I looked into Free Hugs, however like in London Free Hugs, is outlawed. Free Hugs actually started here in Sydney and although it is … Continue reading Journal 15: Not Off the Ground Yet

Journal 13: Downunder the Weather

So I’m feeling a bit under the weather. The American students have brought the flu with them to Australia. Since now is not the flu season in Australia the staff is getting ill from the students. Basically germs are all about. This isn’t the first time that visitors to Australia from afar brought illness to the local inhabitants. When the First Europeans came they brought … Continue reading Journal 13: Downunder the Weather

Journal 7: Class begins

  My first two classes began today. Australian Political System and Australian Culture. Both of my classes focused on an introduction to the geology of Australia. The lectures are both fascinating. I’m pretty pooped from the day’s classes, but I will post one interesting fact I learned today in class. Indonesian traders made contact with northern Australia hundreds of years before Europeans discovered the land. … Continue reading Journal 7: Class begins

Class Schelude

This is the class schedule I will be following before my internship starts at the end of February. Jan 17th– Feb 24 PO350: Australian Political System AN368: Australian Culture and Society Time Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 9 AN368 10 PO350 AN368 PO350 11 PO350 AN368 PO350 12 PO350 AN368 PO350 13 AN368 14 AN368 15 AN368 16 AN368 17 [17:30]  AN368 [17:30]AN368 18 AN368 AN368 … Continue reading Class Schelude

Journal 5: Sydney thoughts 1/16/11

Sydney is a beautiful city. It is surrounded by two harbors at the north and south with the Pacific Ocean to the east. It has modernistic structures like the Opera House and slim skyscrapers. Along with this modern flare Sydney also has grandiose British structures. Parks, boulevards, and extravagant public clocks. The architecture has numerous cultural influences. The skyscrapers look much like the nimble structures … Continue reading Journal 5: Sydney thoughts 1/16/11